HathiTrust Digital Library

HathiTrust Digital Library
Open Access

The HathiTrust Digital Library includes millions of books, government publications, dissertations, journals, and other published and unpublished materials digitized from collections in libraries around the world. As you search HathiTrust, you will find two different types of materials: Full View and Limited (search-only).

Full View Materials

There are many free full-text materials available from HathiTrust. They have links labelled Full View, and they are fully searchable and readable on HathiTrust with no limitations. They are free to read because they are in the public domain or have been published with Creative Commons licenses.  Rutgers affiliates with NetID's can log in to gain access to additional features for these free materials, including full-text download and the ability to create permanent collections.

Limited (search-only) Materials

There are some materials in HathiTrust with links labelled Limited (search-only). You can search within them, but you cannot read them. These materials are unavailable to read because they are under copyright.

Dates covered

Pre-1500 to 21st century.