Index to Printed Music

Index to Printed Music

Index to Printed Music is an index of musical works contained in printed collections, sets, and series. It indexes individual pieces printed in the complete works of composers, anthologies of music, and other scholarly editions. It includes over 550,000 entries from over 1,500 series, sets, and monuments and from hundreds of composers' collected works. It is updated annually to include new volumes as they are added to existing sets and series and new editions as they appear on the market.

Each piece’s record includes a variety of useful fields, such as authors (composers, poets, librettists, editors); titles and alternate titles; title of the work in which it is contained; links to records of other pieces within the same work; language of text and text incipit; performing forces; identifying numbers (item numbers, opus/thematic catalogue numbers, key); formats (full score, piano vocal score, parts, etc.); language; presence of non-standard clefs; figured bass and how treated; duration of piece (if given in item); genres; musical incipit (if needed for identification); citations for performing editions based on the main work; and RISM source numbers. 

Index to Printed Music includes the complete indexing from the print publication Collected Editions, Historical Series & Sets & Monuments of Music: A Bibliography, by George R. Hill and Norris L. Stephens (Berkeley: Fallen Leaf Press, 1997), which was based upon Anna H. Heyer’s Historical Sets, Collected Editions, and Monuments of Music: A Guide to Their Contents (American Library Association, 1957–1980).

Dates covered

Collections published from 1706-present, containing repertoire composed from 1st century A.D.–present.

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