Open Access

INSPIRE is a hub of scholarly information in high energy physics. Its core is a database of scholarly literature in high energy physics, and it also includes related information of interest to physicists, including information about authors, jobs, seminars, conferences, institutions, and experiments. Authors may contribute information about themselves and their publications to INSPIRE to improve the database. Physicists may also submit jobs, seminars, or conferences to be posted on INSPIRE.

Core topical areas of INSPIRE include particle physics, astrophysics, gravitation and cosmology, nuclear physics, border areas (such as condensed matter and atomic physics), and high energy physics applications of mathematical physics, quantum physics, computing, accelerators, and detectors and experimental methods. The literature database features a wide variety of content types, such as preprints, journal articles, conference contributions, theses, report series, books, and experimental notes. For many publications, it includes links to free PDFs. Be aware that some free PDFs may be for preprint versions of articles, which have not been peer reviewed. For other publications, it includes external links to their publisher websites, which have not been configured for Rutgers access. 

INSPIRE is the successor of the Stanford Physics Information Retrieval System (SPIRES) database.

Dates covered

1687 – present.