Interaction of Color Complete Digital Edition

Interaction of Color Complete Digital Edition
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The Interaction of Color Complete Digital Edition is an interactive website that expands upon Josef Albers's classic art education work, Interaction of Color. The heart of the site is the complete text of the 50th anniversary edition of Albers's Interaction of Color and its color plates. In the physical book, the plates served as exercises that reproduced the illusions and perceptions of color interactions described in the text. Side-by-side with the book's text, the website includes interactive digital versions of all the plates in the physical book plus 60 additional plates, bringing the total to 122. The website provides the ability to zoom in on the plates and rearrange the colored shapes, add highlights and notes to the texts, access in-text glossary terms, watch plate video commentaries, view videos of Albers and his students, and create and share your own plates.

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Text is from the 2013 (50th anniversary) edition of Interaction of Color

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