JBI EBP Database

JBI EBP Database

JBI EBP Database, formerly known as the Joanna Briggs Institute Evidence-Based Practice database, includes a comprehensive range of over 5,000 clinical point-of-care resources, including best practice information sheets, evidence summaries, recommended practices, systemic review protocols, and systemic reviews. The database contains the most recent information, which is updated weekly. All evidence-based resources are aligned to one or more specialty fields, with every specialty field overseen by an international Expert Reference Group, which identifies and peer reviews key practice priority topics to ensure relevance and impact on clinical practice.

Under the EBP Tools menu, the database also includes PACES (a tool for conducting evidence-based clinical audits) and SUMARI (a tool for conducting systemic reviews).

JBI EBP Database is published by JBI (formerly the Joanna Briggs Institute), a leading provider of global evidence–based information and tools that help healthcare professionals implement effective evidence–based practice programs and provide the best possible patient care. JBI and its collaborators, which are based at the University of Adelaide, South Australia, promote and support the synthesis, transfer, and utilization of evidence through identifying feasible, appropriate, meaningful, and effective healthcare practices to assist in the improvement of healthcare outcomes globally.

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