Library of Latin Texts (LLT)

Library of Latin Texts (LLT)

Library of Latin Texts is a collection of over 11,000 Latin works and diplomatic charters. It gathers Latin texts of all genres and all periods. The texts have been taken from the best editions available and prepared according to best contemporary scholarly practices. In many cases, the printed text has been enhanced by correcting typographical errors. In order to isolate words proper to each work, the collection differentiates between the original text and paratextual elements.

Library of Latin Texts was formerly divided into Series A and Series B. Series A consisted of over 4000 works in the Latin language by over 1000 authors, which originated in 1991 as the Cetedoc Library of Christian Latin Texts. Series B was a supplemental collection of over 1000 additional Latin works and over 5000 diplomatic charters. The two series have now been combined into one collection. The collection is developed and produced by the Centre ‘Traditio Litterarum Occidentalium’ (CTLO).

Dates covered

Antiquity – 20th century.

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