Brepolis Latin Databases

Brepolis Latin Databases
Library of Latin Texts (LLT)
Monumenta Germaniae Historica (eMGH)

After selecting “Enter Databases,” you will arrive at a landing page for all Brepolis databases, which includes a section entitled Latin, Greek & Oriental Texts. Rutgers has access to the following resources in this section:

  • Library of Latin Texts: This is a collection of over 5000 Latin works and over 5000 diplomatic charters. It was formerly divided into Series A and Series B. Series A consisted of over 4000 works in the Latin language by over 1000 authors, which originated in 1991 as the Cetedoc Library of Christian Latin Texts. Series B was a supplemental collection of over 1000 additional Latin works and over 5000 diplomatic charters. The two series have now been combined into one collection.
  • Monumenta Germaniae Historica: This is the electronic version of the critical edition Monumenta Germaniae Historica, begun in 1819, which consists of more than 3500 medieval historical texts in more than 300 volumes. 
  • Cross Database Searchtool (CDS): This tool makes it possible to search the three above collections at once. It also provides a tool, the Thesaurus Formarum (TF), to determine Latin terminology appropriate for specific authors, works, and time periods. TF also makes it possible to compare the vocabulary used in two user-selected corpora.             

The databases are intermittently updated with additional texts. Rutgers also has access to some other databases listed on the Brepolis landing page. Terms found in the Latin databases may be searched in the Database of Latin Dictionaries (DLD), which also provides direct links to the Latin databases.

Dates covered

Antiquity – 1965.

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