UpToDate Lexidrug

UpToDate Lexidrug

UpToDate Lexidrug is a drug referential platform that gives clinicians the information they need to make evidence-based drug decisions that address patients’ unique needs. It provides information about drug doses, mechanisms of action, drug interactions, adverse effects, and more.

On the homepage, UpToDate Lexidrug allows you to easily search the entire platform for all content related to a drug. The homepage also allows you to view new drug approvals and view drug safety alerts. UpToDate Lexidrug also includes additional tools, such as the Trissel’s IV Compatibility, interactions analysis, a drug identification tool, patient education handouts in 20 languages, calculators, drug reports by adverse reactions, indications, and counterindications, and more.

UpToDate Lexidrug is continuously updated with the most recent drug information. It is maintained by a team of over 7,000 clinicians from across disciplines and fields, including pharmacists, physicians, nurses, and medical technologists.

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