Corpus de la littérature narrative du Moyen Age au 20e siècle

Corpus Litterature Narrative

Corpus de la littérature narrative du Moyen Age au 20e siècle contains the full text of 1,000 French narrative works dating from the Middle Ages to the 20th century. The database interface and the texts in the Corpus are in French. The corpus includes major works of French literature in a variety of genres. The collection offers a variety of browsing and searching methods, including:

  • Auteur (Author)
  • Titres des Oeuvres (Title of Work)
  • Genres Littéraires (Literary Genre)
  • Chronologie (Chronology)
  • Recherche Simple (Simple Search)
  • Recherche Avancée (Advanced Search)

From the home screen, if you select a browse option, you will be able to select from an alphabetical list of authors, titles, genres, or time periods from the left side of the screen. If you select a search option, you may enter search terms in the box labeled "Rechercher dans le texte integral." Search terms must be in French. It is possible to refine an Advanced Search by genre, author, title, or date of composition.   

This collection was developed by The Centre National d'Enseignement à Distance (CNED - Ministère de l'Éducation Nationale); Classiques Garnier Numérique, Paris; and the Université de Paris IV-Sorbonne.

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