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Rutgers University Libraries’ subscription to The New York Times allows all Rutgers affiliates to create free personal accounts, which provide full access to, The New York Times app, and the NYT Audio app. provides full access to all New York Times digital content, including news, multimedia, reviews, opinions, blogs, videos, podcasts and newsletters. You may use your account to email, share, and comment on content. includes all articles published from 1851 to the present. Many articles published between September 18, 1851 and December 31, 2002 are viewed using the TimesMachine interface, which displays full-page newspaper images. TimesMachine articles may be viewed in the browser or downloaded as PDFs. For the years 1923-1980, patrons are limited to viewing or downloading 5 PDFs per 24-hour period. For unlimited download of historical articles from The New York Times, please use the ProQuest Historical Newspapers: New York Times database.

The New York Times app is available on a wide range of devices. The app primarily provides access to current content; it does not include all the historic articles found at The NYT Audio app, which is available for iOS devices only, provides daily audio journalism and storytelling, including narrated articles read by the journalists who reported them, podcasts, and more. Rutgers University Libraries’ subscription does not include access to The New York Times crossword or cooking apps.

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