Daniels' Orchestral Music Online

Daniels' Orchestral Music Online

Daniels' Orchestral Music Online is an index of orchestral music. It indexes over 13,700 works by more than 2,100 composers. It provides basic information about each work, such as composer, date of composition, instrumentation, list of movements, duration, and publisher. In many cases, it also includes links to the music publisher(s) offering parts for sale or rental. The database offers a wide variety of search options, including composer, title, duration, instrumentation, chorus type, soloists, and more.

The database does not contain full scores; rather, it provides basic information about each work to aid in concert programming. It is designed for use by orchestral librarians, libraries, planners, musicologists, conductors, and artistic directors.


This database is the electronic counterpart and continuation of David Daniels' print publication Orchestral Music: A Handbook, 4th edition.

Dates covered

Standard orchestral literature from ca. 1600 - present.

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Daniels’ Orchestral Music Online