PAIS Index

PAIS Index

PAIS Index is an index of scholarship and research in public affairs, public and social policies, and international relations. It covers a wide range of subjects of public interest, including civil rights, economic conditions, education, government, health, politics, religion, social conditions, women’s rights, and more. A wide variety of content types are indexed, such as journal articles, books, government documents, statistical directories, grey literature, research reports, conference papers, and web content.

PAIS Index combines two databases, PAIS International and PAIS Archive. PAIS International is the electronic version and continuation of the print publications PAIS Bulletin, PAIS Foreign Language Index, and their predecessor titles. PAIS Archive is the electronic version of the print publication PAIS Annual Cumulated Bulletin and its predecessor titles. By combining these two databases, PAIS Index contains all PAIS indexing from 1915 - present.

Dates covered

1915 – present.

Resource types