Patrologia Orientalis

Patrologia Orientalis

Patrologia Orientalis is the electronic version of the ongoing Patrologia Orientalis series, which aims to eventually include all the works of the Church Fathers of the Christian East. The database includes all the volumes published to date in the Patrologia Orientalis series (1904 - present). It also includes all 3 volumes of the predecessor series Patrologia Syriaca (published from 1897-1907).

For each work, the database includes both the original text and a searchable translation. The original writings are in Arabic, Armenian, Coptic, Ethiopic, Georgian, Greek, Slavonic, Syriac, and Latin. Most of the translations are in French, though some translations are in English, German, and Italian. For each work, the database also includes background information, such as author, date of publication, original language, and editor.

Dates covered

2nd to 17th century.

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