Parliament Rolls of Medieval England, 1275-1504

Parliament Rolls of Medieval England, 1275-1504

Parliament Rolls of Medieval England, 1275-1504 is a collection of transcriptions of the Rolls of Parliament produced during the Medieval period. For all surviving official records of the sessions of the medieval English parliament, it contains full transcriptions of the original Latin, Anglo-Norman, or Middle English texts and a modern English translation. It also includes selected page images for each reign representing different languages, scripts, and styles. For each parliamentary session, there are new introductions, annotations, and appendices with supplementary material composed by seven present-day scholars.

The transcriptions in this database are based on the Rotuli Parliamentorum (RP), which was published in 1783 under the general editorship of the Reverend John Strachey, and later editions by Cole, Maitland, and Richardson and Sayles. They also draw on a substantial amount of material from the National Archives of the United Kingdom and unpublished material from other British repositories.

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