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Micromedex is a reference database for evidence-based drug, disease, and toxicology information. Rutgers University Libraries subscribes to the academic version of Micromedex, which also includes Red Book, which provides drug manufacturer and pricing information. Micromedex offers searching by drug, disease, or toxicology.  In addition, the Micromedex Assistant search uses artificial intelligence to produce answers to simple drug reference questions. Other features of Micromedex include:

  • Drug Interactions—Checks drug interactions, effects, and clinical significance. Also has option to search for drug-allergy interactions.
  • IV Compatibility—Checks IV Compatibility. This tool is powered by Trissel’s 2 Clinical Pharmaceutics Database.
  • Drug ID—Allows searching for drugs by imprint code(s) or description (color, shape, pattern); includes some images in results.
  • Drug Comparison—Compares dosing, administration, indications, contraindications, precautions, adverse effects, and interactions.
  • Tox & Drug Product Lookup—Provides information about drug products, commercial and household products and chemicals, plant and animal substances, and slang terms. This tool also offers the option of searching the Martindale database for globally distributed drug products.

Red Book is a tool for drug pricing, drug data, and manufacturer information. It allows one to search for prescription or over the counter medications, nutraceuticals, bulk chemicals, medical devices or supplies by product name or manufacturer. One can also a specific active ingredient or by a specific code (such as NDC, UPC, or HRI). 

On the Micromedex platform, Rutgers has access to the add-on modules Martindale: The Complete Drug Reference; Index Nominum, and Reproductive Effects. Rutgers does not have access to any other modules offered by Micromedex.

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