South Asia Commons

South Asia Commons

South Asia Commons is a platform for discovering South Asian historical and cultural materials held by organizations around the world. Material types include books, magazines, reports, historical journals, video, audio, zines, newspapers, magazines, letters, diaries, and other primary source materials. On the South Asia Commons platform, Rutgers has access to the South Asian History and Culture module, which contains over 350,000 documents presently held by over 500 organizations, including libraries, museums, archives, and government organizations. Some of the items are hosted by South Asia Commons, while some items' records link outward to the web repositories where the documents are located.  South Asia Commons was developed with an editorial board of experts in information science and South Asian history, including scholars from South Asian institutions.

Rutgers does not have access to any other modules on this platform.

Dates covered

11th - 21st centuries. 

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