Turfgrass Information File

Turfgrass Information File

The Turfgrass Information File (TGIF), maintained by the Turfgrass Information Center at Michigan State University, is a comprehensive index of publications on turfgrass and its maintenance. It uses a broad definition of turfgrass, which is defined as grass or grass-like ground covers used in golf courses, parks, sports fields, lawns, sod farms, roadsides, institutional grounds, and for other utility, recreational, or aesthetic purposes.

TGIF contains records for over 250,000 publications, including journal articles, technical reports, conference proceedings, trade and professional publications, popular magazines, books, theses and dissertations, fact sheets and brochures, images, software, and web documents. The database includes many links to full-text content, but for some records, only indexing is available. One of the collection’s highlights is the archive of the USGA Green Section Record, including “Turf Twisters,” a column with questions and answers about turfgrass maintenance.

This database is the electronic counterpart and continuation of the print publication The Turfgrass Index.

Dates covered

19th century - present.

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