USGS Publications Warehouse

USGS Publications Warehouse
Open Access

USGS Publications Warehouse is the official index and public access point for United States Geological Survey (USGS)-authored publications. It includes a wide variety of content types, including USGS publication series, journal articles, books, book chapters, other government and nongovernment publications, and conference proceedings. Publications date from the founding of the USGS in 1879 to the present. USGS is continually digitizing its older print publications and adding them to the Warehouse.

The USGS Publications Warehouse includes many documents published by the USGS, which are all free to access. The Warehouse also includes indexing for documents written by USGS authors and published by third parties. These may include links to publisher websites, which have not been configured for Rutgers access.  

Dates covered

1879 – present.

Resource types