World Biographical Information System

World Biographical Information System

World Biographical Information System is a platform of biographical information for over 6 million people from the 8th century B.C. to the present. It is based on the digitization of K.G. Saur's microfiche editions of over 5300 biographical reference print volumes (biographical archives).  

For most persons profiled in the database, it includes only brief biographical information, such as full names, country, profession, birth and death dates, and references for print and microfiche publications where full biographical articles may be found. In this database, Rutgers only has access to the full biographic articles in the Biographical Archive of the Middle Ages module. Rutgers has not purchased access to the full biographical articles in any other module.

Dates covered

Biographies on persons from 8th century B.C. – 20th century, compiled from 1559 - late 20th century.

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