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The ACM Digital Library is a collection of ACM and affiliated organizations' journals, magazines, proceedings, books, Special Interest Group (SIG) newsletters, and conferences. These publications cover various fields related to computing, including software, hardware, computational theory, artificial intelligence, information science, human-computer interaction, instructional technology, and the research and development communities involved in computing.

Rutgers University Libraries’ subscription includes some, but not all, content published on the ACM Digital Library platform. Rutgers has access to many journals, proceedings, and SIG newsletters, but Rutgers does not have access to most books and some other materials.

ACM Digital Library also offers the ability to broaden your search to include the entire ACM Guide to Computing Literature, an index of materials by a wide range of major publishers in computing. For many publications in the ACM Guide to Computing Literature, only citations, indexing, and abstracts are available.

Dates covered

1954-present, with a small selection of earlier materials.

Type of coverage

Full-text journals, conference proceedings, and newsletters; citations, indexing, and abstracts for many books and other materials.

Producer/content provider

Association for Computing Machinery

Vendor/electronic presentation provider

Association for Computing Machinery

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