ARTFL Project: American and French Research on the Treasury of the French Language

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The ARTFL Project is a collection of digitized resources on the French language. Rutgers subscribes to several databases on this platform. The most significant database is ARTFL-FRANTEXT, which consists of more than 3,500 French language texts spanning the 12th through the 20th centuries, 215 million words, and 675,000 unique word forms. Most of the texts date from the 18th through the 20th centuries. Genres include novels, verse, theater, journalism, essays, correspondence, treatises, non-fiction prose, and technical writing. This corpus is useful for lexicographic research and humanities and social sciences projects requiring a large body of French language texts.

The platform also includes several smaller databases with texts limited to specific genres and writers, such as dictionaries, French women writers, novels, Provençal poetry, and more. From the home page, select “Subscription Databases” to see a full list of the subscription databases Rutgers can access. There are also several free publically accessible databases on the ARTFL platform; click “Public Access” to see the list of the free databases.

Dates covered

12th-20th centuries.

Type of coverage

Full-text content.

Producer/content provider

University of Chicago and Analyse et Traitement Informatique de la Langue Française

Vendor/electronic presentation provider

University of Chicago