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Scholarly but heavily illustrated and readable articles and books about ancient Israel and other lands and peoples portrayed in the books of the Bible. Studies and reports illuminate the use of archaeological methods to assess the historicity of scripture, and all biblical references are linked to the scriptural texts.

Previously named: Biblical Archaeology Society: Online Archive


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Dates covered

1975 - present.

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As journal issues become available.


The journals Biblical Archaeology Review since 1975, Bible Review since 1985, and Archaeology Odyssey since 1998, and the books Ancient Israel: From Abraham to the Roman Destruction of the Temple; Aspects of Monotheism: How God is One. Symposium at the Smithsonian Institution October 19, 1996; Feminist Approaches to the Bible: Symposium at the Smithsonian Institution September 24, 1994; The Rise of Ancient Israel: Lectures Presented at a Symposium Sponsored by the Resident Associate Program, Smithsonian Institution October 26, 1991; and The Search for Jesus: Modern Scholarship Looks at the Gospels: [a] Symposium at the Smithsonian Institute, September 11, 1993.

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Online full text in html with high resolution color images for eight publications of the Biblical Archaeology Society, listed above.

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Biblical Archaeology Society

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Biblical Archaeology Society

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