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The titles in the BoardVitals series are question banks that can be used to study for various medical, nursing, and dental board and licensing examinations.  Questions are arranged in topical sections; it is possible to proceed through the questions by section or to view them in a randomized way which combines all of the sections.  Each question contains the most current and detailed explanations for all questions.  Questions may be taken as a self-paced exam or users may opt to view them in a timed session, more like the actual board exams.  Content of the question banks is updated so that they are most similar to the actual versions of the latest exams.


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Yale University; Harvard Medical School; Duke University; Mt. Sinai Hospital; Vanderbilt University; Columbia University New York; Bellvue Medical Center; Emory University; St. Luke’s Hospital  Tufts University School of Medicine; Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center; Boston University Roger Williams Medical Center; Michigan State University College of Human Medicine; Northwestern University School of Medicine in Chicago

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Question banks, reflecting sample types of questions found in current board examination tests.

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