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The Index of Medieval Art is an iconographic index of Christian themes in early Christian and Medieval art, broadly construed. Begun in 1917 by Professor Charles Rufus Morey of Princeton University, it is now the most important and largest archive of Medieval art anywhere in the world. The Index was begun in order to trace the history and evolution of iconographic themes and concepts in early Christian and Medieval art in all media and in all geographic areas. Searching the index therefore allows one to find instances of the representation of a particular theme in widely varied artistic contexts.

The Index remains headquartered at Princeton University-four additional paper copies are located worldwide.The electronic Index can be browsed or searched by subject word. In the corresponding results list, click on the underlined record number to be linked to the complete record of the item. Some records have attached images at the bottom of the item record, only those listed as "public images" can be accessed.


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Dates covered

Covers the period from early apostolic times to the sixteenth century.

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The Index of Medieval Art draws its entries from art of all types (manuscript illumination, architectural sculpture, mosaics, etc.) and all geographic regions.

Type of coverage

The records returned in the The Index of Medieval Art are extended citations for works of art. The information included is: medium, location, style, building or object, sequence, and subject term.

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The complete Index of Christian Art is available in five locations: the Index of Christian Art headquarters at Princeton University, Princeton, New Jersey, the Dumbarton Oaks Research Library, Washington, D.C., the Getty Research Center, Los Angeles, the Biblioteca Apostolica Vaticana, Rome, and the Rijksuniversiteit, Utrecht.

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The Index of Christian Art, Princeton University

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The Index of Christian Art, Princeton University

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