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ClinicalKey provides information to clinical health care providers via an aggregated content service.  It provides full-text access to over 500 Elsevier journals, 1,000 e-books, and 9,000 medical and procedural videos.  Additionally, it provides access to clinical practice guidelines, clinical trials, patient handouts, and the National Library of Medicine’s PubMed database.  The latter covers journal citations and abstracts to the published health sciences journal literature. There are also collections of images, drug monographs, and access to Procedures Consult. Users can export content for use in PowerPoint presentation.


Context-sensitive help in searching is provided to the user during the actual search experience.  There is a ClinicalKey resource center at which provides additional information.

For help using these indexes see: How do I find an article on my topic?

User tools and features

When connecting to the database, users are presented with a home page containing a search text box.  As the user types in terminology, the ClinicalKey search system presents lists of possible terms which are more specific in nature, e.g. subtopics, journal titles, limits to specific type of publication, such as full-text journal articles.  The user may click on any of these terms to generate more specific retrieval OR can type the desired term(s) and click on the magnifying glass icon in order to execute a search of ClinicalKey.  Users are initially presented with an overview of their topic if following the second search method described above.  Overview material is generally gleaned from e-books and is subdivided into sections, e.g. pharmacology, diagnosis, treatment, etc.  Users are presented with an option to “Show All Results” which presents content in relevancy ranked order.  It is possible to have this output sorted and displayed by date (last in, first out) by clicking on an arrow located in the upper right portion of the screen.  A “Filter” bar appears in the lower portion of the results screen once a search has been executed.  A click on this bar presents users with a brief list of options for filtering results: by source type, specialties, study type, or date.  A click on one of these categories provides the user provides users with more specific options for limits within the broader category.  For example, a lick on Study Type allows the user to limit the search to systematic reviews, meta-analyses, and other types of articles.  Results are displayed 20 citations at a time.

Dates covered

Range of full-text articles is roughly through 1995; other materials are latest available editions.

Updating frequency

PubMed (weekly); other materials are added as published.


Journal literature indexed by PubMed, Elsevier Publishing’s full-text e-journals, e-books, and images/videos collections, as well as Procedures Consult.

Type of coverage

Book, journal, image/video, drug monographs, patient information handouts

Print counterpart or
related resources

No print counterpart exists; the product aggregates information from a wide variety of existing electronic/print resources.

Producer/content provider


Vendor/electronic presentation provider