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China Academic Journals Full-text Database

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Connection note

Note that Rutgers users only have access to F Series (Literature, History, and Philosophy). Users can switch to Chinese-language interfaces (both simplified and traditional) from within the database.


The China Academic Journals Full-text Database F Series provides access to articles published on about 700 Chinese scholarly journals in the disciplines of literature, history, and philosophy. Users can search, browse, and download the full-text articles. Both the current issues and the back issues of the journals are available through the database.


The database provides a User's Guide in both English and Chinese. Sometimes it is necessary to change the names of downloaded PDF files from Chinese to English in order to open them.

Dates covered

In general, full-text articles published since mid-1990s are available. Many journals also provide the full archive going back to the first issue.



Type of coverage


Producer/content provider

Tsinghua Tongfang Knowledge Network Technology Co., Ltd.

Vendor/electronic presentation provider

East View Information Services

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