Early American Imprints, Series I: Evans, 1639-1800

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Early American Imprints, Series I: Evans, 1639-1800 is a full text, online version of all the titles originally published in the Early American Imprints, Series I, microform set. Based on Charles Evans' comprehensive American Bibliography, it includes the more than 36,000 works from the microform edition, plus more than 1,000 additional works located, cataloged, and digitized since completion of the earlier effort.

The database makes available, in digital format, every book, pamphlet, and broadside published in the American colonies or the United States between 1639 and 1800. Among the vast range of publications included are: advertisements, almanacs, bibles, catalogs, charters and by-laws, contracts, cookbooks, elegies, eulogies, laws, maps, narratives, novels, operas, plays, poems, primers, sermons, songs, speeches, textbooks, tracts, travelogues, and treaties.


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