Ethnologue: Languages of the World

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Extensive information about the world’s 7000 living languages, including the number of language users, in a country or worldwide; information about writing systems, the official status of a language (if any) in a given country; related dialects; language typology (word order, phonological, morphological, and syntactic features.  Dynamic maps allow exploring languages by country and region, and drilling down to greater levels of detail.  Researchers can browse by country, language name, and language family.  Includes an extensive bibliography.


No help screen as such, but a variety of search tools and browsing options, and additional information in the “About” page.

User tools and features

Maps and Statistical data.

Dates covered

Current information on living languages.

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Unspecified but appears to be frequently updated since digital format.


Based on a database of languages; also draws on a wide variety of monographs, reference sources, serials, and government publications.

Type of coverage

Descriptive and analytical data on languages, plus maps, statistics, and extensive bibliography.

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related resources

Originated in a print edition under the same title, now wholly digitized.

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SIL International

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SIL International

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