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All full-text content is free to read on the HathiTrust platform. Rutgers affiliates with NetID's can log in to gain access to additional features, including full-text download and the ability to create permanent collections.

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The HathiTrust Digital Library includes millions of books, government publications, dissertations, journals, and other published and unpublished materials. Created by a partnership of academic and research institutions, the Library offers materials digitized from collections in libraries around the world and including a wide range of languages. Titles published prior to 1923 and those that are open access or Creative Commons-licensed are available full-text. Other materials include limited-access searching.


Search tips are associated with each of the search options. A more general Help link is also included in the menu bar at the top of every page, and an FAQ for users at Rutgers is available at https://libguides.rutgers.edu/htfaq.

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  • “Cite this” option for APA and MLA formats
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Pre-1500 to 21st century.

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Books, government publications, dissertations, journals, and other materials.

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Full-text access to works published prior to 1923 and to open access or Creative Commons-licensed works included in the database. Search-only access to all other materials. 

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Print versions of some publications included in the HathiTrust Digital Library may be found by searching QuickSearch.

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