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The Lexicomp Monographs are an excellent resource for drug doses, mechanisms of action, drug interactions and adverse effects. This is an excellent point-of care resource.

Clinical databases include:

  • Lexi-Drugs® (with AHFS (The American Hospital Formulary Service) DI® Essentials& AHFS DI® for hospital and academic clients). Pediatric Lexi-Drugs®
  • Geriatric Lexi-Drugs®
  • Lexi-Drugs® International
  • Lexi-Natural Products™
  • Lexi-Pharmacogenomics™
  • Lexi-Infectious Diseases™
  • Lexi-Lab & Diagnostic Procedures™

Clinical modules:

  • Drug and herbal interaction analysis (Lexi-Interact™)
  • Identification of  solid,  oral  drugs  (Lexi-Drug  ID™)
  • Comprehensive medical calculations (Lexi-CALC™)
  • Trissel's™ 2 Clinical Pharmaceutics Database and  King®  Guide
    to Parenteral Admixtures® (Lexi-I.V. Compatibility™)
  • Patient education  module:  Printable  patient  leaflets
    providing drug, disease, condition and procedure information for your patients
  • Medical Internet search  portal (Web Search)
  • Assessment, diagnosis, and treatment of poisonings and drug overdoses (Lexi-Tox™)

More clinical tools:

  • Drug Plans

The Lexi-Tox tool combines information on agents of toxicity, antidotes and decontaminants, household products, toxicology-specific calculators and drug identification in one point-of-care application.

  • Drug Comparison Reviews (Data provided through Facts & Comparisons® Clinical eAnswers)
  • Comparative Drug Tables (Data provided through Facts & Comparisons Clinical eAnswers)
  • The Lexi-Drug ID is an application that allows identification of tablets, capsules and other oral solid dosage forms.
  • The Lexi-CALC is a comprehensive medical calculations application covering infusions, adult and pediatric organ function assessment and other conversion calculations.
  • The Patient Education tool provides an opportunity to access and print patient-focused materials addressing conditions, procedures and medications. The condition/procedure leaflets are available in English and Spanish, while the adult- and pediatric-specific medication leaflets are available in up to 19 languages.


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