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MathSciNet is the most comprehensive resource for the international literature of mathematics and statistics. Coverage includes the bibliographic data and reviews of mathematical research contained in the Mathematical Reviews Database. MathSciNet also provides active links from reviews to the full text of more than 119,000 online articles in over 190 journals, but access to full articles is dependent on a Rutgers University Libraries subscription to that journal or online service. Citation data for journals, authors, articles and reviews is also provided. It allows users to track the history and influence of research publications in the mathematical sciences. The feature "Collaboration Distance" finds the shortest distance between two mathematicians based co-authorship. More information on "Collaboration Distance" can be found at the MathSciNet web site.


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Dates covered

1940 to present.

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A list of the more than 1700 journals currently indexed by Mathematical Reviews can be found at the MathSciNet Website [PDF file]. Books covered by MathSciNet can also be found online.

Type of coverage

Full-text of reviews and summaries of articles and books.

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related resources

Mathematical Reviews and Current Mathematical Publications.

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American Mathematical Society

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American Mathematical Society