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The MLA International Bibliography indexes critical scholarship on literature, language, linguistics, folklore, film, and the teaching of language and literature in journal articles, series, monographs, dissertations, bibliographies, proceedings and other materials. It includes more than 2,000,000 citations drawn from 4400 journals and series and from 1000 book publishers. Indexing of e-journals, online bibliographies, electronic monographs, and scholarly Web sites is now included.

Coverage includes criticism and scholarship on literature from all over the world--Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe, and North and South America--but excludes Classical Greek and Latin, and other "dead" languages. Folklore is represented by folk literature, music, art, rituals, and belief systems. Linguistics and language materials range from history and theory of linguistics, comparative linguistics, semantics, stylistics, and syntax to translation. Other topics include literary theory and criticism, dramatic arts (film, radio, television, theater), and the history of printing and publishing. In 2000 MLA indexers began coverage of the history, theory, and practice of teaching language, literature, rhetoric and composition at the college level, including professional and administrative issues.

It also includes critical writings on literature and human languages, including both natural languages and invented languages, e.g., sign language and Esperanto. Citations in a non-Roman alphabet are translated into the Roman alphabet. Citations from more than 60 languages are included.

The database also includes The MLA Directory of Periodicals, a listing of the journals covered by the MLA Bibliography, which includes subscription, submission, editorial, and other useful information.

Subjects Covered: Criticism, Drama, Folklore, Humanities, Language, Linguistics, Literature, Film, Radio, Television, and the teaching of Language, Literature, Rhetoric, and Composition at the college level.

For additional information on the database see the MLA Bibliography website.


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10 times a year. Approximately 66,000 records added per year.


Journal articles, series, monographs, dissertations, bibliographies, proceedings, e-journals, scholarly web sites, and other materials.

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Bibliographic Citations, including subject indexing, with links to some full text, including articles in JSTOR collections to which Rutgers subscribes.

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The print volumes go back to 1921. The MLA Bibliography continues the Modern Language Association Annual Bibliography.

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Modern Language Association

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