New Jersey Environmental Digital Library (NJEDL)

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The NJEDL is an online library of literature and multimedia relating to the New Jersey environment. The collection includes documents and reports, scientific studies, photographs, videos, maps, and more. The map collection and the GIS data can be searched or browsed independently.

Most of the items in this collection are considered "ephemeral" or "grey literature" - materials that are generally not available through common research tools like library catalogs and indexes.

In addition to the digital library materials, the NJEDL contains a comprehensive Organizational Directory of New Jersey environmental agencies, academic departments, research institutes, educational centers, and other organizations.


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Dates covered

Information is current, and the dates covered changes with every update. Currently, the earliest documents include maps from the 1800s.

Updating frequency

The database is continually updated through both internal collection development and external submissions.


Scientific and technical reports, maps, inventories of environmental resources & endangered species, guides to environmental indicators, photographs, videos, slide shows and transcripts of presentations, and other resources from the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection, state and local agencies, research institutes, academic departments, non-profit and non-governmental organizations, web documents, and other providers. Users can also submit their own digital documents to the database.

Type of coverage

Descriptive records and full-text of many items. For many of the materials for which there is no full-text, it is possible to request that the item be scanned and the full-text added to the collection.

Print counterpart or
related resources

Some publications included in the database are available in print and may be found through a search of the .

Producer/content provider

A joint project of the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection and The Scholarly Communication Center in the Rutgers University Libraries.

Vendor/electronic presentation provider

Rutgers University Libraries