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Orchestral Music Online


Daniels' Orchestral Music Online is an online iteration of David Daniels' Orchestral Music: A Handbook, 4th edition, and contains records of over 6700 works from the orchestral repertoire, by more than 900 composers.  Users can search for works by author, title, duration, and instrumentation, or key.
Daniels' Orchestral Music Online features:

  • Quick search by composer, title, or keyword
  • Browsing by composer
  • Advanced search by duration, instrumentation, chorus type, and soloists
  • Ability to cut and paste data into rehearsal schedules and other documents to save time and to eliminate transcription errors
  • Links from individual works to music publishers and other sources


Available as a link from all screens, labeled "Search Tips and Guidelines." Search tips include guides to abbreviations and formulas used to describe instrumentation.

Dates covered

Standard orchestral literature from ca. 1600 to the present.

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Musical scores from the standard orchestral repertoire.

Type of coverage

Citations of orchestral works.

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related resources

Orchestral music : a handbook, 4th edition.

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Scarecrow Press/Orchestral Music Online

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Scarecrow Press/Orchestral Music Online

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