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Oxford Art Online provides full-text access to five important visual arts reference sources, they are:

  • Grove Art Online
  • The Oxford Companion to Western Art
  • The Encyclopedia of Aesthetics
  • The Concise Oxford Dictionary of Art Terms

The majority of the content in Oxford Art Online comes from Grove Art Online, which contains over 45,000 articles on every aspect of the visual arts - painting, sculpture, graphic arts, architecture, decorative arts and photography - from prehistory to the present day. Topics covered in Grove Art Online include: 

  • biographies of painters, sculptors, graphic artists, architects, furniture makers, ceramists, photographers, illuminators, calligraphers and more
  • increased emphasis and new articles on women artists, as part of the multi-art women artist's project
  • biographies of patrons, collectors, agents and dealers
  • Articles on criticism, theory, and philosophy of art
  • survey articles on the cultures and civilizations of the Middle East, Asia, Africa, Europe, the Americas and Australia
  • country surveys for every country recognized by the United Nations, from Afghanistan to Zambia
  • more than 1,350 articles on towns and cities
  • artistic styles and movements in both Western and non-Western art
  • major art forms
  • subject-matter and iconography
  • materials, techniques and conservation
  • general issues in art

Additionally, Grove Art Online provides access to more than 6,000 images through partnerships with major organizations such as the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the British Museum, the Museum of Modern Art (MOMA), Art Resource, Art Images for College Teaching (AICT), and numerous international galleries and individual artists. 

Images can be searched from the main page in the "Images Only" search box. Images are also accessible through links embedded within articles, or by clicking a tab at the top of articles entitled "Images". Due to copyright restrictions, NOT ALL THE IMAGES available in the print edition of the Grove Dictionary of Art are available in the online edition. 

Oxford Art Online also provides shorter articles on a variety of art topics from The Oxford Companion to Western Art, as well as definitions of art terms from The Concise Oxford Dictionary of Art Terms, and lengthy entries on over 500 philosophers from The Encyclopedia of Aesthetics

The source of a particular article will be indicated under the brief description in the search results. In general, the articles from Grove Art Online will be more substantial than articles from The Oxford Companion to Western Art.


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  • Grove Art Online
  • The Oxford Companion to Western Art
  • The Concise Oxford Dictionary of Art Terms
  • The Encyclopedia of Aesthetics

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