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PsychiatryOnline is the platform for resources published by American Psychiatric Publishing, including the DSM Library, The American Journal of Psychiatry, journals, news from Psychiatric News, textbooks, APA Practice Guidelines, information for patients, continuing education resources, and self-assessment tools. You can use PsychiatryOnline to find information on diagnosis, treatment, guidelines, the latest research, and breaking news from the field.

The collection’s major highlight is the most recent edition of the DSM, Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, the most widely used psychiatric reference in the world. PsychiatryOnline is regularly updated with the latest medical information, including the newest editions of the DSM, DSM codes, practice guidelines, and textbooks.

Dates covered

Varies per publication.

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References, books, journals, patient information, and self-assessment tools.

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American Psychiatric Association Publishing

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