Scripta Sinica

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Alternate title

Hanji dianzi wenxian


Scripta Sinica (Hanji dianzi wenxian) is one of the largest Chinese full-text databases, with a special focus on the traditional Chinese classics. It contains almost all of the important Chinese classics, totaling more than 1000 titles and over 700 million Chinese characters. Users can conduct full text searches or browse by book titles in it. The database is provided by the Institute of History and Philology (IHP), Academia Sinica (Taiwan), which will continue to add new titles and new features. Rutgers users can also access the non-IHP resources provided by Academia Sinica on the old interface. User instruction ("shiyong shuoming") is available inside the database.

Dates covered

Antiquity - 1949.

Type of coverage

Full-text books.

Vendor/electronic presentation provider

Institute of History and Philology, Academia Sinica

Core Subject(s)