Media Materials Booking Request Service

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The Rutgers University Libraries offer a booking service so that professors wanting to schedule moving image material for class viewing may be assured that the material is available for them to use on the date they need it. The service also enables faculty and graduate students to preview material.


Rutgers faculty and graduate students may book moving image materials through the Media Materials Booking Form. The booking system is not available for undergraduate students, staff, affiliated borrowers, or guest borrowers. Faculty teaching courses on the Camden Urban Campus of Camden County College or Rowan University, NJIT faculty teaching courses at Rutgers are eligible.

Materials That May be Booked

Most audio-visual materials from the Libraries collections may be booked. The exceptions include: vinyl LPs, 16 mm film (see below), and recordings from the Institute of Jazz Studies, which is a non-circulating archive.

All media titles are cataloged in QuickSearch

16 mm film, which is subject to specific policies, is available primarily for cinema studies courses and only to support classroom instruction. Video versions of all 16mm films are also available.

Lead Time Needed for a Booking

  • Three weekdays are needed to book a New Brunswick/Piscataway title for use throughout Rutgers or a Dana title for use at Newark.
  • One week is needed to book a Dana or Smith title for use in New Brunswick/Piscataway and Camden.

Moving image materials, such as video, film, DVD and the like, should be booked as far in advance as possible to ensure delivery at the location, date, and time required.

How to Place a Request for a Booking

  1. Bring up the Media Materials - Booking Form . If you need equipment, contact the equipment delivery unit for your campus.
  1. Fill in your name and email address.
  1. Choose a pickup location. See chart below for details.
  1. Search QuickSearch for the specific record and copy and paste the title, location, and call number into the "Titles" box.
  1. Fill in the Date Needed. See chart below for details.

If you would like help choosing titles for your class, or the does not show titles that interest you, write to Ask a Librarian.

Media Pickup/Return Sites

Materials booked from New Brunswick are available for pickup from:

  • 10 am the day before the "Date Needed" in New Brunswick/Piscataway
  • 4 pm the day before the "Date Needed" in Camden and Newark

Materials booked from Dana or Smith are available for pickup from:

  • 10 am the day before the "Date Needed" in New Brunswick/Piscataway and Newark
  • 4 pm the day before the "Date Needed" in Camden

Delivery to and from Camden, New Brunswick/Piscataway, and Newark is by Rutgers intercampus delivery.

Eligible materials are available for pickup the day before "Date Needed" at your choice of one of the "Pickup/Return" locations below. They are held at the locations listed below through the next day. Booked materials are due one day after the "Date Needed." Longer loan periods may be requested at the time of booking.

Media "Pickup/Return" Locations:

  • Art Library, next to Murray Hall (CAC)
  • Alexander (CAC)
  • Carr (Livingston)
  • Chang (Cook)
  • Dana Library Circulation Desk (Newark)
  • Douglass (Douglass)
  • LSM (Busch)
  • Robeson (Camden)
  • Smith (Newark)
  • SMLR (Cook)

Items must be returned to one of the "Pickup/Return" locations listed above. They cannot be discharged at any other location, and must be returned to a site where their special handling can be accommodated. Overdue fines will be assessed if the item is returned late and was booked for another class.

While materials may be picked up during all library circulation or media desk open hours, delivery services operate on a Monday - Friday basis. Monday bookings, therefore, will be available for pickup at the requested location the Friday before, and Friday bookings are due the following Monday.


Bookings are normally created in QuickSearch within 24 hours after the request is made. The status of your bookings can be checked at any time by checking your QuickSearch account, which supplies details of your individual bookings. If your email address is in the online directory you will receive automatic confirmation of the booking. You will be notified by email if the library cannot supply the item requested (for example, if it is missing or damaged) or if there is some other problem.

Titles that are "Checked out" or "On Order" when a request is made for booking may not be returned/available in time for your scheduled date.

Fines for Overdue Charged Bookings

Fines are charged only for materials subject to bookings in the future and are $5 per day to a maximum of $50. Many titles are booked repeatedly during a semester, so timely return of booked materials is essential so that we can guarantee availability for the next user.