Apply for OAT funding

While the primary goal of the program is to create, introduce, and enrich courses that reach the most students, we recognize the value of using open and affordable materials in other courses. To this end, applicants will self-select and submit their proposal under one of three tracks. The tracks are:

  • Track 1: Introduce open and affordable materials into a large course
  • Track 2: Introduce open and affordable materials into a small course < 35 students
  • Track 3: Enrich a course already using open and affordable materials

Applications will be evaluated on four major weighted criteria relevant to the track under which it falls (Approach; Sustainability; Cost Savings; Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI)).  Read more detailed information about evaluation criteria or read our FAQ for tips on submitting a successful application. The evaluation committee consists of OAT team members, students, and teaching faculty.

Please limit your application to one course per award cycle.

Please note the application form and evaluation criteria have changed slightly from previous years. Contact us if you have questions about the application process

Applications for the current cycle closed on April 12, 2022.