Gender: Identity and Social Change

Gender: Identity and Social Change

Gender: Identity and Social Change is a collection of digitized primary sources depicting gender history, women’s suffrage, the feminist movement, and the men’s movement. Highlights include:

  • Documents relating to women’s suffrage activists Doris Stevens and Martha Carey Thomas, including letters to Emmeline Pankhurst
  • Papers from the collection of Betty Friedan
  • Reports and correspondence from the Manchester Men's League for Women's Suffrage, the Famous Five, the National Women’s Party, and the Six Point Group
  • Material highlighting arguments surrounding the body, including sexuality and abortion
  • Late nineteenth-and early-twentieth century periodicals including The British Workman, The British Workwoman, and The Lady’s Realm
  • Newsletters representing the development of the men’s movement

Material types include records from women’s and men’s organizations, advice literature, etiquette books, diaries, correspondence, scrapbooks, pamphlets, photographs, biographies, and interviews. Original documents are from libraries and archives in Britain and the United States.  

Dates covered

19th-21st century.

Resource types