Atla Religion Database

Atla Religion Database

Atla Religion Database is an index to scholarly journal articles, book reviews, and collections of essays in all fields of religion. Journals representing all the major religious faiths, major denominations, and numerous language groups are included.

For multi-author works, such Festschriften and conference proceedings, Atla indexes each individual essay instead of cataloging the book as a single entry. The Scriptures link in the tool bar provides a clickable index of Biblical books, chapters and verses indexed. The SC Scripture Citation dropdown option in Advanced Search similarly allows searching by Biblical book, chapter, and verse.

Atla Religion Database is produced by Atla (formerly known as the American Theological Library Association), an organization dedicated to advancing the study of religion and theology. The database is the continuation of three print publications: Religion Index One: Periodicals, Religion Index Two: Multi-Author Works, and Index to Book Reviews in Religion.

Dates covered

19th century-present.

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