Business, Economic and Labour History

Business, Economic and Labour History

Business, Economic and Labour History is a collection of digitized primary sources from Britain and America covering a variety of 19th and 20th century topics, including Keynesian economic policy in postwar Britain; international labor movements; the London Stock Exchange; and the papers of important economists. Highlights include:

  • The complete run of the London Stock Exchange Official Year-book for 1875-1945
  • A complete run of The Mechanical Engineer for 1897-1917
  • The weekly trade journal Oil News from 1912-1939
  • The Papers of William Stanley Jevons, British theorist and one of the chief architects of modern economics
  • The Papers of Carl Menger, founder of the Austrian school of marginal analysis 
  • The complete manuscript diaries of the British Labour politician Hugh Dalton, 1916-1960, covering his extensive career as an MP and government minister
  • The working papers of John Maynard Keynes and his private office during his second period of service at the Treasury from 1940-1946
  • The papers of David A. Morse, Director-General of the International Labour Office in Geneva from 1948 to 1970
  • The Papers of the Economic Section (The National Archives class T 230) from the 1940s, illustrating the implementation of Keynesian economic principles

The original materials were sourced from:

  • John Rylands Research Institute and Library, University of Manchester
  • Seeley G. Mudd Manuscript Library, Princeton University
  • The National Archives, UK
  • London School of Economics and Political Science, London
  • Library of Birmingham
  • The Bodleian Library, Oxford
  • Cambridge University Library
  • William R Perkins Library, Duke University
Dates covered

Bulk of materials date from 1875 - 1970

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