Eighteenth Century Collections Online

Eighteenth Century Collections Online

Eighteenth Century Collections Online (ECCO) is a digital collection of nearly all the works published in the English language (and non-English language works printed in the United Kingdom) during the 18th century, totaling over 180,000 titles. The collection includes all genres published within that period, such as poems, plays, novels, histories, travel books, parliamentary papers, parish registers, conduct books, cook books, almanacs, and more. It covers the full spectrum of intellectual activity in that era, including fine arts, geography, history, law, literature, medicine, philosophy, political science and government, religion, science, and technology. 

Most of the works in ECCO are in English, but it also includes over 4000 French titles, over 3700 Latin titles, many titles in German, Italian, Scots Gaelic, Spanish, and Welsh, and small numbers of titles in other languages. A wide variety of search options are available, including language, publisher, place of publication, and types of illustrations.  

This collection includes all the works listed in the 18th century component of the English Short Title Catalogue. This collection is the electronic version of The Eighteenth Century microfilm series.

Dates covered

1701 - 1800.

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