eHRAF World Cultures (Human Relations Area Files)

EHRAF World Cultures (Human Relations Area Files)

eHRAF World Cultures is a collection of information on cultures and ethnic groups from all regions of the world. This database may be used to find information on specific cultures, ethnic groups, or immigrant groups, and it may be also used to find information on a variety of anthropological, sociological, and cultural topics, such as architecture, economic structure, kinship units, language, religion, settlement patterns, and sociopolitical organization. For each culture, eHRAF contains a variety of documents, such as books, articles, monographs, and dissertations.

The collection offers a variety of searching and browsing options, including browsing by culture, subject, or documents. You may create a personal account, which will allow you to save information, documents, highlights, and notes in a virtual notebook. The collection is updated annually with additional cultures and documents.

Dates covered

Pre-history – present.

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