Literature Online (LION)

Literature Online (LION)

Literature Online (LION) is a collection of over 350,000 works of English-language literature, including 343,000 works of poetry, 5000 dramatic works, and 2000 prose works. All works are re-keyed from first editions or scholarly editions to ensure accuracy, and full publication and pagination details of the print originals are included. In addition to these primary sources, Literature Online includes:

  • Literary Criticism
  • Reference Works
  • Author Pages
  • Audio and video poetry recordings
  • Audio recordings of Shakespeare plays

The Criticism section includes articles from over 400 literature journals and indexing from Annual Bibliography of English Language and Literature (ABELL). The Reference Works section includes a few dozen major reference works, including the New Princeton Encyclopedia of Poetry and Poetics. The Author Pages section includes pages for over 6000 authors. Each author page lists all the content within Literature Online related to the author, including biographies, primary texts, criticism, reference works entries, and multimedia resources. The audio and video poetry recordings number several hundred each, and some feature poets reading their own work. The Shakespeare Audio Plays section consists of full audio recordings for Shakespeare’s 38 plays.

Historic periods covered include Anglo-Saxon literature, the Middle Ages and the Renaissance, and the 18th, 19th, and 20th centuries. The geographical span includes the United States, England, Scotland, Ireland, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the West Indies, Africa, and South Asia.

Dates covered

Covers the full chronological span of English, American, and Anglophone Literature, from roughly 600 CE to the present.