Vault Career Intelligence
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On the Firsthand platform, Rutgers has access to Vault Career Intelligence, which contains information about careers, companies, and industries. It includes:

  • Occupation profiles, including educational requirements, career paths, and salary estimates.
  • Company profiles on thousands of companies and firms, with extended information on some of the country's largest employers.
  • Profiles of top industries.
  • Access to Vault's blogs on topics ranging from workplace issues, to networking, to salary and benefits.
  • Tips and recommendations on résumés, cover letters, and interviewing.
  • Vault Guides on career and industry topics.

To access Vault Guides, job search tips, and other career information, please select the Library tab. To access Vault rankings, please select the Careers tab. Value guides are updated yearly.

This university-wide subscription does not include access to Firsthand career networking tools. This university-wide subscription is maintained by University Career Services, not by Rutgers University Libraries. Questions about access and issues should be reported to University Career Services via

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