PhilPapers is an index of philosophy research. It includes indexing, citations, and abstracts for over 2 million journal articles, books, dissertations, and other publications in the field of philosophy. All materials are categorized by topic, allowing you to readily find publications in your area of interest. Each topic functions as a bibliography of scholarship in that area. The platform also includes PhilArchive, an open access archive of content that may be freely downloaded. If a publication is available in PhilArchive, its PhilPapers record includes a link to the document in PhilArchive.

User participation is an important part of PhilPapers. Authors may submit their own works for inclusion in PhilPapers and PhilArchive, and volunteer editors maintain the categories. The platform also includes links to free resources that promote communication among philosophers, including the events listing PhilEvents, the jobs list PhilJobs, and the networking tool PhilPeople.

Dates covered

Ancient times – present, but the majority of publications are from the late 20th century - present.

Resource types
Centre for Digital Philosophy, University of Western Ontario