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Full-text content of over 2,200 North American newspapers and more than 1,200 international newspapers, plus 300 wire services and over 200 broadcast news transcripts. Covers local, regional, and world issues, politics, government policies, sports, industries, cultural activities, schools, and the people and events in the community. Paid advertisements are excluded. The entire collection or a selection of newspapers by specific title, region, state, country, or continent can be searched. A clickable map-based interface enhances the ability to search a selection of newspapers. Includes an English and Spanish search interface.

Incorporates Newspapers Database - New Jersey Newspapers and Philadelphia Inquirer (NewsBank) Formerly listed as America's Newspapers: Middle Atlantic Region.


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Tutorial provided on home page of the database: PowerPoint file.

Dates covered

Varies. Newspaper titles go back between 10 to 30 years.

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Newspapers, wire services, broadcast news transcripts, and selected magazines and journals. Information for each title provided under the "More Information" link on the home page of the database.

Type of coverage

Keyword searchable full text.

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Newspapers included in the collection.

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NewsBank Inc.

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NewsBank Inc.

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