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Full text of most Cambridge history volumes published to date. Subject matter ranges widely across the humanities with a concentration on political and cultural history. Each volume includes authoritative narrative accounts by specialists and extensive bibliographies. The subject categories containing the most volumes are regional history, general history (with its chronological series) and literary studies, but there are also several series on the history of religion, philosophy and economic history. Content is displayed as page images and can be searched via metadata and full text.

Dates covered

1970 onward.

Updating frequency

Periodically updated with new volumes taken from the print series as they are purchased.


Digitized books.

Type of coverage

Full content of the titles and series of the Cambridge histories published to date.

Print counterpart or
related resources

Contains the full text of over 250 volumes of over 70 Cambridge histories published by Cambridge University Press.  Each history consists of either one volume or a numbered series.  The longest series are:

Cambridge Ancient History (19 vols.) 
Cambridge Economic History of Europe (8 vols.)
Cambridge History of Africa (8 vols.)
Cambridge History of American Literature (8 vols.)
Cambridge History of China (12 vols.)
Cambridge History of India (21 vols.)  
Cambridge History of Iran (8 vols.)
Cambridge History of Latin America (12 vols.)
Cambridge History of Literary Criticism (8 vols.)
Cambridge Modern History (13 vols.)
New Cambridge Medieval History (8 vols.)

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Cambridge University Press

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Cambridge University Press

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