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Produced by the American Economic Association, EconLit indexes and abstracts more than 750 international economic journals. EconLit source material includes journal articles, essays, research papers, books, dissertations, book reviews, and working papers. The database contains more than a million records and covers subjects from accounting, consumer economics, monetary policy, labor, marketing, demographics, modeling, economic theory, planning, and more. Years of coverage are 1969-present with approximately 26,000 records added annually.

1969 to present
Articles indexed 1969+, abstracted 1987+
Books abstracted 1987+
Dissertations indexed 1987+
Abstracts of working papers 1984+
Book reviews 1994+


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For help using these indexes see: How do I find an article on my topic?

Dates covered

1969 to present; see notes in description.

Updating frequency



Economics journals. For journals indexed and coverage dates in EconLit see

Abstracts of published books from the Annotated Listing of New Books section of the Journal of Economic Literature.

Indexing of articles (chapters) in collective works, conference proceedings, collections of essays on a particular topic, papers from research projects, collections of papers by a single author, and Festschrift volumes (articles collected in honor of a distinguished person).

RePEc Project: Research Papers in Economics database of working papers.

Dissertation titles with subject classifications supplied to the American Economic Association by the individual graduate departments.

Full-text book reviews from Journal of Economic Literature (JEL).

Type of coverage

Six types of documents are indexed in EconLit:

  1. Journal Articles,
  2. Books,
  3. Collective Volume Articles,
  4. Dissertations,
  5. Abstracts with links to working papers from the decentralized RePEc Project: Research Papers in Economics database of working papers, and
  6. full-text Book Reviews from the Journal of Economic Literature (JEL).

Print counterpart or
related resources

For indexing from 1963 to 1968, consult the Journal of Economic Abstracts.

Producer/content provider

American Economic Association

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