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LLMC-Digital offers a wide range of archival material from state, federal, and territorial governments, as well as from various Anglo-American collections, and foreign and international jurisdictions. The range of material is so diverse that it can only be suggested to try this database by title of desired source to see if it may have been added to the constantly growing database. Some idea of the expanse of offerings is shown through the following samples: Dunlop's Commentaries on the Laws of England by Blackstone; the classic eleventh edition of the Encyclopedia Britannica; Federal Probation; Foreign Relations of the United States; Hawaii Senate Journals; Iraq Official Gazette; Malleus Maleficarum; the compiled laws of the Muskogee Nation 1867; the Obscenity and Pornography Commission Report; the 1919-33 Palestine Collection of Judgments; the Supreme Court Reporter, etc. There are also some multi- jurisdictional collections in LLMC, namely British Empire Studies, Canon Law, Military Law, and Native American Law.

Certain titles may extend as far back as the 15th century. While holdings of some ongoing titles may be relatively recent, LLMC-Digital should not be construed as a database for current content.


This database is restricted to Rutgers users and available for our use through the Rutgers Law Libraries. Members of the general public are permitted access to the service on a walk-in basis at any of the campus libraries.

A HELP button is provided from the initial LLMC page. However, when source is known, it may be simplest to click on About LLMC Digital/Search for Holdings/Search for Titles.

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Coverage differs for individual titles.

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New content is continually being released.


The database is built upon the Consortium's own microfiche backfile, as well as contributions from LLMC member libraries.

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Full text in image format.

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Some of the resources are available in the RU Libraries in other formats or through other online provides. Search QuickSearch for holdings and check with reference librarians since many older government titles are not in QuickSearch.

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Law Library Microform Consortium

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Law Library Microform Consortium

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